A Minimalist Sensibility - Digital Pro Interview with Hywel Jones

From the beginning of his professional career, the idea of simplicity has stayed with Hywel Jones and remains a guiding principle to this day. With his equipment, his lighting techniques and even his approach to retouching, Jones believes that less is usually more.<blockquote><strong>“Sometimes, there seems to be a direct relationship between how many lenses you have and how b... Read more →

Are Photographers Stupid

Although photographers at the moment are prepared to take less and less to try and hold onto their careers, photography has taken a very weird turn in 'the race to the bottom', with the onslaught of free image sites such as Unsplash and Pexels. These sites have somehow convinced good photographers to give them their photographs for free, completely free, not like microstock, which at least ca... Read more →

The End Of Stock Libraries As We Know It!

Looking at the quality and diversity of styles within stock photography at the moment, it’s hard to believe that barely twenty-five years ago, stock photography was in its infancy, barely providing a worthwhile option for photographers to distribute their photos, let alone a viable way for picture editors to source good images. The technological changes made within the industry turned everyth... Read more →